"Duchess" (1998-2007) and "Sinatra" (1998-2010)

Duchess and Sinatra were the third generation of akitas for us. Duchess (1998-2007) was a 110-pound female, so gentle with people (a bit uptight around other dogs except Sinatra). Sinatra (1998-2010) was a 140-pound male, equally gentle, including with other animals like cats and rabbits. Duchess and Sinatra were inseparable.

Duchess (the white one) died in November 2007, of a stroke. There was no warning sign, she was fine at lunchtime, 3 hours later after running some errands, she was gone. She had just turned 9, which is a good lifespan for a big dog but we were hoping to get 10-11 years, but alas it was not to be. Our family was really crushed dealing with such a sudden and unexpected loss.

Sinatra lived over 2 more years, passing in February 2010. He was over 11 years old when cancer finally took him. He was blind the final year of his life, but that didn't slow him down a bit, he happily accompanied me everywhere, trusting me to lead him on leash properly, which I was more than happy to do. I always got a kick when he'd stick his head out the car window and people at red lights would invariably ask if he was a bear.

Duchess and Sinatra are both buried at the animal cemetery in Monterey, together again for all of eternity.


Xmas 99

"Shadow" (1991-1999)

Shadow was so gentle I used to let him play with my bunny rabbit, and he never tried to hurt him. Shadow died in 1/99, at the age of only 7. He suffered several grand mal seizures in his life, we were fortunate he lived as long as he did, any of those can be fatal. He survived 5-6 seizures before one finally took him.