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Dad + Brianne Tennis Pic

A salute to my cat Ebony, who passed away on 1/14/00, aged 20. Her life touched four decades (1979-2000) and she was with me for half my life. Ebony was the friendliest cat anyone ever had, and most people who knew her liked her even more than their own cat(s). She had an extremely LOUD voice, and whenever she entered a room she'd loudly announce her presence. She'd then proceed to sit on the chosen person's lap, and if that person ever put her down, she'd jump right back up, over and over again, until the human relented and realized that she was in control, not the lowly human.

We now have a Siamese female named Samantha (b. 1999), and a male Tabby named Chuckles (b. 2000). He's 15 pounds of furry fun.

Our two akitas keep the house tidy. If they'd stick to food instead of furniture, I'd be real happy. They like to gnaw on the coffee table legs. Well, it USED to be a coffee table. Now it looks like shavings from a pencil sharpener. I hate it when they do that. But they're as friendly as can be. Sinatra lets Brianne ride him like a horse.

I have finally accepted the fact that Frank Sinatra is no longer with us. Man, could he sing. I listen to his music more than anyone else's.

I'm jazzed about the accolades that have been showered on my favorite living singer, Bob Dylan. Three Grammys, including album of the year, plus a Kennedy Center award and even playing for the Pope. He is arguably the most influential American songwriter still alive, and he has truly done it "his way," like Frank.

Proving that nerds never change, I *still* listen to my favorite high-school band, REO Speedwagon. Believe it or not, they're still around and still putting out new CDs every couple of years.

Of today's newer bands, I enjoy Metallica the most. They seem to evolve enough so that each CD is not a rewrite of the previous CD. This is rare in a heavy metal band, especially in today's music world. Most musicians keep putting out what they think their public wants, with no thought of artistic integrity. Not so with this band. But alas, I'm furious with Metallica for being on the wrong side of the Napster issue.

I also really enjoy listening to George Strait and Emmylou Harris.

I'm playing tennis again after a long layoff. I used to play top-flight players all the time (I'd usually lose), and now I'm playing in a recreational league.

A big hello to my relatives back East, who I never seem to stay in touch with. I promise to keep taking pictures of Brianne and updating her web page with the new pictures. This is much quicker (not to mention more affordable) than sending pictures everyone.

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